Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The “Little” Engine That Can!

Fifteen months after eMergent Benefit Solutions of Camden, NJ announced the launch of eLECT - its state-of-the art Benefits Administration solution, it is already being put to the test. Not only is eMergent looking to change the way benefits administrators approach today’s market by virtually eliminating long timelines of system implementation, eLECT is also Health-Reform-ready. This fully featured system, which integrates the administration platform along with both an employee and employer web portal, is anything but little.

With planning and development behind them, software entrepreneurs Gretchen Winterbottom and Lisa M. Lange had a vision that the system should enable an administrator not hold them back as a result of expensive technology or staffing. eLECT is the first of it’s kind offered as SaaS, integrating employee communications features, web and content management all in a user-friendly, web-based solution without the need to ever involve a programmer. According to Gretchen Winterbottom, one of the firm’s founders, “eLECT was designed by benefit administrators for benefit administrators.” With an open architecture platform, menu-driven set-up and other advanced features, implementation is simple and can be accomplished in a few weeks, unlike most systems in the market, and for a fraction of the cost and overhead.

As many administrators scramble to adapt their systems for new provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (H.R. 3590), eLECT is ready. Not only is it ready, it provides:

§ New dependent age and FSA limits

§ Auto Enrollment

§ Waiting Periods

§ The CLASS benefit election

§ Present employer and Health Insurance Exchange medical options

§ Free Choice vouchers as well as other new Reform features.

Plus, eLECT can report the cost of Employer Sponsored Health Coverage for W-2s, provide plan disclosures and meet new government reporting requirements.

All in a day’s work for eMergent. This company is all about “Yes We Can” and based on my experience and knowledge of systems in the market, they sure can.

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